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Pre-printed Barcode Labels

Consumables (Barcode Labels, Barcode Ribbons, RFID Tags, RFID Inlays, RFID Asset tags, tto ribbons) are the most important part of automatic identification solutions. The use barcode solutions in various industries including logistics, automotive, healthcare, FMCG, etc has helped in emerging numerous types of consumables which are offered at HBSPL.

We offer excellent quality of Thermal Transfer Labels, Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer Ribbons (Black and colored), Sticker Tags which are compatible with Thermal Transfer Printers.

Barcode labels can be put to multiple users within a business house. They are available in different types and can be put to certain specific purposes. The labels can be customized to different sizes as per the needs and requirements of the user. They can be used for identifying furniture, equipment, instruments, and computer systems, labeling products for industrial and shipping purposes, pricing your product or for writing the manufacturing details.

There are different types of labels available in the market. They can be Pre-printed in different colors and fonts on different material like paper, aluminum, polyester, urethane coated steel barcode labels, and ceramic barcodes. These are durable and depending and depending on your usage and can be customized depending on your needs and specifications.

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*Industrial Labels– The barcode labels for industrial uses are usually made with durable solid anodized aluminum or polyester, which helps in protecting the image embedded on the label. They are durable, reliable and have excellent readability.

*Warehousing Labels– These labels are made from rigid plastic or metal. They help in providing optimum functionality for a range of scanners.

*Asset Management Labels made from anodized aluminum. These tags can have graphics embedded beneath the surface and can resist heat, abrasion, chemicals, tampering and more.